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[August 02, 2022]

We are proud to announce a new partnership with innotec GmbH, one of the leading functional safety consultancy companies in Germany.

We believe our partnership with innotec in supporting safety-related and safety-critical embedded system development is a great proposition to managers and leaders looking for reinforcement in safety product development.

[July 25, 2022]

Many of our customers are struggling with the current semiconductor shortage issues. To help them, together with our partner SafeTTy Systems Ltd., we have just started to work on a new range of hardware designs relying on available components (including microcontroller) to target automotive and industrial applications with safety requirements up to ASIL-D, SIL3, PL d.

The ProTTo-Box is one of our first development that features a rich set of peripherals such as:

    • 2 x CAN Interfaces
    • 12 x Digital Inputs
    • 12 x Digital Outputs
    • 4 x Analog Inputs
    • 4 x Analog Outputs
    • 2 x Sensor Supply Outputs

If you are facing product-development challenges caused by component shortages, please contact us (via our website): we may be able to help.

[July 21, 2022]

Dear Friends!

We are happy to announce that FS-Dynamics is celebrating its first business anniversary these days.  On this occasion, we would first of all like to thank our valued customers and partners for their support.

In this period, we have been involved in numerous automotive and industrial projects that allowed us to lay down the fundaments of our highly innovative company.

Some of our achievements from the last 12 months of which we are very proud:

    • We completed the development of a safety-related waste baler control unit (SIL2, PL c)
    • Development of a complete LED headlamp control electronics
    • Development of a complete LED tail lamp control electronics including LED boards
    • Development of a complete CHMSL module for passenger cars
    • We have delivered over 30 PCB designs for automotive applications
    • We created a hardware concept for a safety-related wind-turbine control system (SIL3, PL d)
    • We created a hardware concept for a laser headlamp control module to be used for demo applications
    • We updated the hardware design of an automotive-grade telemetry module to be able to support 4G networks as well as eSIM technology
    • We helped to complete the hardware design of an automotive-grade sensor node
    • We deepen our knowledge in ISO 26262 by attending a 4-day TÜV SÜD training course

What is our plan for the next 12 months?

    • Obtain the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Expert certification
    • Release our first product
    • Extend our team at least with one new colleague
    • Extend our network with new partners


Best Regards,

Attila Gönczi

CEO & Founder

[October 1, 2021]

We are happy to announce a new partnership with SafeTTy Systems Ltd., a leading company in time-triggered (TT) software development.

SafeTTy Systems, based in the UK has many years of experience in developing embedded software for safety-related and safety-critical automotive, industrial control, medical and related applications.

Through our partnership with SafeTTy Systems, we believe we can offer comprehensive development resources to managers and leaders looking for reinforcement in safety-related or safety-critical embedded system development.